Fee Lion Re (Visit) Independent W/A/P/Prog/E/M
J-Hi Bullet (feat. Anne Ominous) Human Records W/A/P/Prog/E/M

Noise Policy 4 Song EP Human Records W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Charles Long Paradigm Lost J-Hi Music W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Aerosol Deux Etudes Human Records W/A/P/Prog/E/M
ANTI Roc Nation E/AE
Dread Filmstone Reggae Compilation (feat. Ginger Roots) A/K/P/Prog/E/M
DJ Michaelis “Boom-A-Rang (feat. LUV MACHINE)” White Label Ad-P/Prog/E/M/Mast
DJ Michaelis “Believe In Me (feat. LUV MACHINE)” White Label Ad-P/Prog/E/M/Mast
Aerosol “Start Again” J-Hi Music W/A/P/Prog/E/M
The Hero w/ Dwayne Johnson Season 1 TNT W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Jaymee Carpenter feat. Keith Slettedahl & Scarlett Rivera 5 Song EP E/M/Mast
The Super Fuzz “Facebook” Independent M/Mast
Ethan Gold feat. Natalie Major “Four Leaf Clover” Gold Records A/P/Prog/E/M/Mast
Charles Long CATALIN Installation Austin Contemporary Co-W/A/P/Prog/E/M/Mast
Elin Lanto “Hey Angel” Catchy Tunes A/K/P/E/M
DJ Michaelis “Party Up (Michaelis Twerk Remix)” Independent Ad-P/Prog/R/M/Mast
DJ Michaelis “Bang” Independent Ad-P/Prog/R/M/Mast
Molly Sandén “Heart Strings” EMI Co-W/A/K/P/E/M
King Of The Nerds Season 1 TBS W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Judge Jackson Table 7 Curtis Joe M
DJ Michaelis “Countdown” Independent Ad-P/Prog/R/M/Mast
The Rides (Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd & Barry Goldberg) Can’t Get Enough 429 Records Co-P/E
Allan Rose “Be Mine (J-Hi Remix)” Independent  R/Ad-P/M/Mast
The Honey Brothers Time Flies Like A Peach Velour Recordings  Ad-P/M
Le Concorde “Let Me Live My Own Life” Independent Co-W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Cooler By The Lake Summer’s Over Independent Co-P/Prog/E/M
Ethan Gold “Are We Recording? (J-Hi Remix)” Gold Records Ad-P/Prog/M
Le Concorde “Way To Another World” Independent Co-W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy Seasons of Mist M
Robert Sprayberry “Original Sin” Independent Ad-P/Prog/M
Kirsten Price “Gone (J-Hi Remix)” Independent Ad-P/R/Prog/E/M
Midnite Theory “This Time” Independent M
Viktor Varga “Good Times” Warner/Magneoton Co-W/A/P/Prog/E
Flamingo Fobia Castle Oaks Sessions Independent P/E/M
Levi / Werstler Avalanche of Worms Magna Carta E
Gooding The Return Kingdom II M
Griffith Frank “This Time” Universal  K/Prog/Ad-P
Judge Jackson Drive Curtis Joe A/K/P/E/M
Villain Versus Villain Eponymous EP Independent M
Aerosol Aerosol Anomaly W/A/P/Prog/E/M/Mast
Rabid Rabbit Ephedrine Interloper M
Lindsey Ray “Letting Go” Original/Epic Co-W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Michael Freidman The Superman La Fontaine M
Jacqueline Becker “Through The Door” Independent Co-W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Barbara Stephan I Am Awake Independent M/Mast
Triggers Smoke Show Anomaly P/E/M/Mast
The Weepies “Stars (Old Navy Remix)” Nettwerk Ad-P/R/Prog/E/M
Uncrowned “Waking In White Lights” KMA M
Ill Lit “Beautiful Girl” Media Creature M
Balay “Shyboy” Interscope A/P/Prog/E/M
Judge Jackson Judge Jackson Curtis Joe P/E/K/M
Jason Day Live Love Life Media Creature Co-W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Cynic Focus (10th Anniversary) RoadRunner M/R
Michelle Shocked “Evacuation Route” Voice & Faces Project A/P/Prog/E/M
Bob Marley & The Wailers “Sun Is Shining (Remix)” Media Creature R/Prog/M/Mast
Meqqa Meqqa EP Independent M
Michelle Shocked “Deep In My Heart” Mighty Sound W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Sasha Lazard Moonfall The Myth Of Red M/Mast
Momzer Goodnight Nobody Mean Bed Records Mast
Gliss Kick In Your Heart Mountain Lo-Fi M
Tiger Cruise “Get Up ‘n’ Get Down” Disney Channel Co-W/A/P/E/M/Mast
Stephen Stills Man Alive Eyewall / Pyramid M
The Vaccine The Vaccine Independent P/E/M
Pixel Perfect “Search Engine” Disney Channel Co-W/A/P/E/M/Mast
Eddie’s Million Dollar Cookoff “Now We’re Cookin'” Disney Channel Co-W/A/P/E/M/Mast
Shmedley 3 Song EP Sub Pop M/Mast
Eric Hirshberg Wish I Was Here Independent Co-A/P/Prog/E/M
Gliss Kissing The Boulevard Mountain Lo-Fi  Co-P/M
Roller 5 Song EP Independent P/E/M
Full Court Miracle “Lamont’s MacCabees Theme” Disney Channel Co-W/A/P/E/M/Mast
Aeon Spoke Above The Buried Cry Independent P/Prog/E/M
Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days) “You’re So Vain” Paramount Prog/E/M
Monica Revel “Sometimes People” Independent A/P/Prog/E/M
Rachel Yamagata “Would You Please” RCA A/P/Prog/E/M
90 Day Men To Everybody Southern Mast
Meqqa Meqqa Independent P/E/M/Mast
NU 3 NU Songs Independent W/A/P/E/M/Mast
Box-O-Car Faster Than The Sound Of Speed Veronica P/E
Frontier F.O.A.M. Humboldt Pie P/E/M/Mast
NU EP-01 Independent W/A/P/E/M/Mast
Portable Only If You Look Up TVT Prog/E
Sweeder Swallowed By The Sun Monitor Mast
The Frogs Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Scratchie P/E/M/Mast
Smashing Pumpkins Machina II Virgin Prog/E/M
Amy Correia “Hold On (Remix)” Capitol A/P/Prog/E/M
Frontier Suture Perishable P/R/E/M/Mast
Verbow White Out  Sony 550 Prog/E/M
Virgin Wool Open Heart Surgery Atlantic Prog/E
Anna Waronker Sessions Java A/Prog/E
Duncan Sheik “Reasons For Living (Remix)” Atlantic Ad-P/R/E/M
Frontier 4 Emperor Jones P/E/M/Mast
Hedwig & The Angry Inch Original Cast Album Atlantic Prog/E/M
Hub  Hub Slash  M
Imperial Teens What Is Not To Love Slash  M
Liz Phair whitechocolatespaceegg Matador Co-P/A/Prog/E/M
Madonna “Ray Of Light (Live)”  Maverick Prog/E
Mysteries Of Life Come Clean RCA Prog/E/M
Number One Cup People, Why Are We Fighting? Flydaddy M
Placebo “Swallow (Remix)”  Hut Ad-P/R/E/M
Bobby Conn  Never Get Ahead Truckstop Mast
Dorian Taj  Dorian Taj Platypus Mast
Evil Mothers Spider Sex & Car Wrecks Invisible P/E/M
Glyn Styler Live @ The Mermaid Lounge Truck Stop M
Leech Woman 33¾ Invisible M
Menthol Danger Rock Science Capitol P/A/Prog/E/M
Number One Cup Kim Chee Is Cabbage Flydaddy Mast
Scissor Girls Here Is The Is Not Atavistic Mast
Violent Femmes “Blister In The Sun (Remix)” Slash  Ad-P/R/E/M
Whale All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones Virgin A/Prog/E/M
Evil Mothers I Like Fur Invisible P/E/M
Frontier Live @ The Empty Bottle Tug-O-War P/E/M/Mast
Margo Songs From The Woods THC Mast
Pulsars Submission To The Master Almo Prog/E/M
Wesley Willis Fiasco Spookydisharmoniousconflicthellride ULG M
Frontier “Truck” b/w “G.I.D.” Humboldt Pie E/M/Mast
Code Of Ethics Code Of Ethics  ForeFront  M
Beat Pulse Mecca “Murder” Zoo W/A/P/Prog/E/M
Bobby Womack I Still Love You MCA E
Falco “Die Titanic (Remix)”  Sire Ad-P/R/E/M
Robert John “The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Remix)”  Curb Ad-P/R/E/M
Triple M “Prisoner Of Passion (Remix)”  A&M Ad-P/R/M
Dread Flimstone  From The Ghetto Scotti Bros P/A/Prog/E/M
Ice T Sessions Sire E
Malcolm McLaren  Round The Outside  Epic W/A/P/Prog/E/M
MC Hammer “They Put Me In The Mix (Remix)” Capitol Prog/E
Uncle Bill Crawford Uncle Bill Crawford Priority E/M
Willie Dixon Uncle Bill Crawford Priority E/M
Dream Syndicate  Live @ Raji’s Enigma M
Jamie Glaser Jamie Glaser Columbia E
Mamado & She “Can We Take You Higher? (Remix)” WTG R/Prog
The Vienna Boys Choir Disneyland Theme Disney E/M
Danzig Danzig Def Jam E/AE
Slayer South Of Heaven Def Jam E/AE